Freelancing is a reality,
make it an opportunity.

With Talao’s solution based on Blockchain technology,
build and grow your dedicated pool of freelancing talent,
and take adavantages of the working industry’s main trend.

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All your freelancers. 100% Private. No intermediaires. Just you and your community.

Attract best talent

your Freelance
Value Proposition

Take the control back

Source, qualify
and check compliance
before being in a hurry

Reduce costs up to 50%

0% commission
A unique subscription
Controlled costs

All the tools you need to manage your pool

We provide your with a full blockchain-based suite to manage relationhsips with your community, and more than this

Multi-channel sourcing


Mission assigment


Issuance of


Blockchain makes everything different

Privacy by design

You and only you can know your freelancers

Certified data

No need to check resume anymore, data is verifiable

Up-to-date availability

All data is synchronised via our blockchain protocol

With Talao, take a leap forward into the future of work

Discover how Talao can help your company to grow

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Custom-made services